Almost there…

My deadline is fast approaching but thank goodness everything is coming together. I’ve collected my photographs, just waiting to get permissions to use a few of Debo with her chickens (never been published in bios, so won’t that be a treat!?) And, last but not least, I have an illustrator who is channeling Acton and sketching each girl for their introductory biography.

I have a question, so if any of you know the answer please comment- I found a photograph of Unity, aged 9, as a bridesmaid. The photo originally belonged to the Fenwick family but had been used in the 70s David Pryce-Jones bio ‘Unity Mitford: A Quest.’ He told me who it belonged to and it had been given to him for the book, the owner is now dead. I wonder if the photograph is now considered to be public domain, and if so, can I use it?

I suppose all of the loose ends are tied up. I’m still editing my manuscript, so if any of you have anything you’d like to contribute i.e. personal Mitford stories then please email me at:


One thought on “Almost there…

  1. My understanding is that copyright remains with the person taking it, or their heirs, until 70 years after their death.

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