“What to read if you want a taste of a glamorous life…”

I’m absolutely thrilled with the response to my book The Mitford Girls’ Guide to Life. The most important thing, to me, is that most readers see it as a massive Mitford tease! Here is a lovely review which I happened to stumble upon from Optima Magazine:

Before the wannabes of Made in Chelsea, before Paris Hilton and Jackie O, there were the Mitford sisters. To this day their names are synonymous with the word socialite; women who lived wild, rebellious and often shocking lives. Dubbed Bright Young Things by the tabloids in the 1920s, they were the subject of endless gossip.

Nancy, the eldest, was a novelist, the author of Love in a Cold Climate. Although her personal life was complex – her first husband was an unrepentant philanderer – her scandals were nothing compared to those of her sisters. Diana married British fascist Oswald Mosley and even after a spell in prison remained loyal to Adolf Hitler, while Unity developed a close friendship with the Nazi leader and attempted suicide days after war broke out. Meanwhile Jessica eloped during the Spanish Civil War and became a passionate communist.

Leaving aside their questionable views, there is no denying that the Mitfords were the toasts of the social scene. In this book (a fun alternative to Pippa’s party tips), Lyndsy Spence, who runs the online community The Mitford Society, offers ‘a Mitford A-Z for modern life’. These really were women who knew how to be talked about.


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