The Mitford Society’s Annual


Things have been very Mitford orientated this week; The Mitford Girls’ Guide to Life will be available in America from tomorrow onwards (1 November). It seems odd to think that it has been almost a year since Mark at The History Press commissioned my book, how time flies! I am always happiest when prowling through archived articles, old photos and listening to other people’s stories so I came up with an idea to edit an annual for The Mitford Society. I’ve given this project the code name ‘Posh Beano.’

Why an annual? The internet is a marvel and I’m so happy with how The Mitford Society has grown over the past few years. I’m also grateful for everyone’s support and, of course, to the people who allow me to interview them for this companion blog. I’m slowly establishing myself as a go-to person for info on aristocrats from that era and this has given me the idea to expand The Mitford Society. The internet does not have the same appeal as flicking through a nice book and being able to look through past posts etc at one’s own leisure. It will also give friends of The Mitford Society a chance to share their own Mitford knowledge in a unique way.

Thankfully a lot of people share my view and in the past few days I have managed to compile an amazing list of contributors. I have designed the book cover (see photo) and have been busy editing some pieces which people have already sent in. I want the annual to be available for Christmas and have set a tight deadline of Nov 30. It will be available in print and electronic form and will retail for the price of a fashion magazine. The money will then be generated into an official website for The Mitford Society which will allow me to share the many archived things which cannot be posted on Facebook or on here. It will also give the information a neat and permanent element which will be readily available.

If you would like to contribute to the annual please get in touch at or contact me on the facebook page.


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