A review of Curtains by Victor Olliver


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Curtains‘ outrageous plot is set against the chilly corporate publishing world of Raven’s Towers, a designer megalith. Here, Olliver takes us inside the world of Glossy International magazine, a kingdom ruled over by a megalomaniac ice queen super-ed called Vicki Cochrane. At first, it looks as if we’re in for one of those ‘insider’ tales beloved by journos who’ve moved onto better things, but not a bit of it. Before you can say ‘Conde Nast!’, Vicki’s been blown sky high and whisked off to an astral waiting room where, upon the chaise-longue of her soul, she’s forced to watch an action replay (in virtual reality mode, of course) of the previous few days leading up to her demise, to try and ascertain whodunit. Mr Olliver is a talent to watch. His caustic and very funny narrative, set exotically between London and Brightworth (where absent media magnate husband Max has set up home at the end of the pier), has a cast of bitches, temptresses, queens and roughs worthy of grand opera, and just asking for the book alone should provide mirth at the checkout. And that’s before you’ve even opened it.” Christie Hickman, Midweek

Friend of The Mitford Society, Victor Olliver (author of Lifesurfing: Your Horoscope Forecast Guide 2014 and astrologer for The Lady) sent me a review copy of his fabulous book Curtains. I spent the best part of a week reading Curtains, never wanting it to end, its hilariously funny plot, bitchy ego-centric characters, 1980s technology and excitable narrative (there is never a dull moment in the prose) brought me into the inner-circle of the magazine biz. Raven’s Towers is the HQ of Glossy International magazine, headed by Vicky Cochrane, a sort of Maggie T/ Sable Colby of the publishing world. It is as sleek as The Devil Wears Prada…think Miranda Priestly meets Dynasty. I’m a fan of Victor’s writing, his horoscopes in The Lady are divine and his blog (in which he posts as Madame Arcati- click here) is devilishly witty. As with Nancy’s novels, Curtains is also a product of its time and the author has clearly written from experience. For me, Curtains is a camp classic!



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