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ImageThe Mitford Society loves Victor Olliver, he’s a fellow of many talents: Author, astrologer and Blogger extraordinaire! If you like glossy magazines, bitchy queens worthy of a Soap Opera, witty prose and an unpredictable twist then Curtains is for you! Already a camp classic…


Terence is a great friend of The Mitford Society, he has reviewed my book and is ready to promote and share anything we (or fellow Mitties) are up to. Debo loved television, thank goodness for that, how else would she have discovered Elvis Presley? If you’re a fan of classic television shows then you’ll love Television: Rare & Well Done: Essays on the Medium. Terence has written detailed essays on the medium, covering just about every genre imaginable. Our friends over at the Margaret Lockwood Society will also enjoy this book.


In the spirit of Lady Redesdale our head is turned by physical beauty. This production of a book (and it really is a production) is marvellous for fans of Vivien Leigh or for those who simply enjoy the majesty of old photographs. Kendra Bean has been working on Vivien Leigh: An Intimate Portrait for years, no stone was left unturned in researching Vivien’s life and as in the spirit of a new biography on a famous person she has brought something new to the mix. The bonus is that the biographical information is decorated by stunning photos. A real treasure.


The sentiments of newness as mentioned above can be applied to Churchill’s Rebel. Meredith Whitford should also add ‘detective’ to her list of credentials given the vast information she discovered not only on Decca but on Esmond, too. Every fragment of their lives together (and apart) has been meticulously researched. Sadly The Mitford Society is quite old fashioned and doesn’t possess a kindle (I read this via review copy on PDF) but a little hon. tells us that the paperback will be available asap.


Imperial Russia is a fascinating subject to The Mitford Society (don’t tell Decca!) and our lovely friend Christopher Warwick has written an in-depth biography of an overlooked figure of Russian royalty. His book Ella, Princess Saint & Martyr details the life of Queen Victoria’s granddaughter who rebelled against her grandmother’s wishes and married Grand Duke Serge Alexanrovich. It was at the wedding that her young sister, Alix, met the Grand Duke’s eldest brother, Tsar Nicholas II. A fateful match indeed. I enjoyed this aspect of learning about the Russian royal family as I had only been familiar with the Tsar and Tsarina’s assassination. A must read for fans of royalty.


The Mitford Society shamelessly won a Twitter competition (unwittingly, mind you) and thank goodness the bookish fates seemed to be at work. What a delight to receive Z: A Novel of Fitzgerald in the post. It is a stunning book, the gorgeous cover alone makes for a wonderful decoration on a coffee table or bookshelf. But over here we love reading ours books as well as admiring them! The story is written from Zelda’s point of view which allows the writer Therese Anne Fowler to explore her subject without abiding to the restrictions of a conventional biography. Such a gripping book I gifted a copy to my friend. It will make for a most charming gift this Christmas, for yourself or others!

2014 Treats

Simon & Schuster is sending The Mitford Society some exciting biographies to review. And with Christmas just around the corner the biggest treat for me will be The Cazalet Chronicles. I can’t wait! 




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