The Mitford Girls’ Guide To Life

My editor at The History Press has given me permission to announce that my book, The Mitford Girls’ Guide To Life by Lyndsy Spence (that’s me!) will be published next September!

I have been working on this book for just over a year and a half, and it has been such a learning curve. I’ve researched newspaper archives and interviewed people connected to the Mitfords’. Along the way I have learned new facts which has (I hope) enabled me to tell a unique story. I have purposely avoided discussing their political ideologies in a lot of detail as I feel there was much more to their personalities. The political element is discussed from a sociological point of view. (No, I don’t condone Nazism).

My deadline is January 2nd 2013, this is just around the corner. Thankfully a kind relative of Diana’s first husband has given me some family snaps for my book, but I am on a quest to find more. I must source 25 images for my publisher. As you can imagine, the topic of copyright is quite complex, so really, I’d prefer my images to be in the public domain or from a personal collection. I have found some images from archived articles but I really need some more!

This is where you lovely readers might be able to help: If you have any personal photographs of the girls’, or any newspaper clippings dating from 50+ yrs ago, then do get in touch. I am also appreciative of any photos you might have of buildings relating to the Mitfords’ i.e. Heywood Hill, Rutland Gate, Swinbrook etc.

All credit will be given.