It has been an exciting few weeks as I prepare to receive the proofs of my Mitford book. First of all, I was thrilled that my book was on display at The London Book Fair as part of their Autumn 2013 highlights. Mark, my editor, explained there has been a lot of early buzz about the book. What excites me most of all is that my book featured in the top 100 historical bio charts on amazon! This is exceptionally good news! Also, today it was no. 5 in amazon’s hot new releases, next to Jonathan Aitken’s forthcoming bio on Margaret Thatcher. I am extremely pleased and very grateful to those who have pre-ordered my book. I’ve also learned that the book will be released on Nov 1 in America, already it is doing quite well in their Irish history charts.

In the meantime I’ve been writing my biography on Margaret Lockwood, it has been going very well and has been a lot easier to write than the Mitford book, I suppose this is because it is in chronicle order. The first draft is complete and has gone off to the publishers for their review (fingers crossed!)

I’m planning my next project which will make use of the Mitford info I couldn’t use in my book The Mitford Girls’ Guide to Life. It is of Diana & Bryan Guinness, so I am planning a bio on their life together which will also explore Diana’s early life. I feel a lot of bios gloss over this part of her life to (as one friend put it) “get to the good stuff” i.e. Mosley, prison, Hitler etc.

I’m very busy indeed but I’d love to hear from any of you regarding the new Diana project. If you have any info, material, stories that you’d like to share please email me at